The First Official Blockchain Day • In Singapore

Launching the 1st official worldwide tour dedicated to business innovation, leaders of all key industries will be coming together for Blockchain Day in Paris, Singapore, Miami & Toronto.


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@unik-name is your universal human-readable address to enter into the decentralized economy. Your @unik-name is easily rememberable, protected against typosquatting and respectful of your privacy. Associated with meaningful or fancy labels,you can share it with confidence instead of all
your encoded and enigmatic public addresses, as you do with your eMail address.

Healthbank Cooperative

The ecosystem is the logical solution to a global challenge – making health data safe, secure and compliant. With our expertise in IT and healthcare, Healthbank Cooperative is creating the leading next-generation health data hub. Our goal is to facilitate the exchange between users, providers and other healthcare professionals and therefore act as a trusted intermediary between different stakeholders.


Octagon, Genki’s Homepod, is all about ensuring its owner’s digital sovereignty while allowing him to monetize his untapped digital assets, and at the same time protect its users’ privacy. Its users deserve (and will soon claim) a right to privacy, and its owners should be able to reign over their local area network in order to use, share and monetize its available resources as they wish, without, of course, violating Octagon users’ privacy.


Users are overwhelmed with ads. This is what Varanida is all about: enabling a new era for the Internet, where all parties are fairly compensated for the value they bring to the whole ecosystem. We are launching Varanida in the hope that a community of like-minded users will join us in our mission to change the way the world sees advertising and consumes digital content.

Osmose Collective

Crypto-currency at the service of the values of the Social and Solidarity Economy
“Co-finance, Co-buy, Co-produce, Co-live, Co-cooperate”.

The main objective of OSMOSE is to facilitate, streamline, support, and equip
actors of change in the face of future societal challenges.


MonArt develops an original large international art community to discover, enjoy, promote, buy, sell, lend, gather together, exchange and have fun!
At MonArt, art lovers participate, discover, rate, comment and support artists and their works. MonArt is creating the largest Art community and ecosystem with its own currency.


Encryption: Legaler secures all communications including attachments, before they leave your computer, with industry-leading end-to-end encryption.

Storage: Legaler stores all data in its encrypted state on AWS’s military grade protected servers, rendering it useless to security threats.