The First Official Blockchain Day • In Singapore

Launching the 1st official worldwide tour dedicated to business innovation, leaders of all key industries will be coming together for Blockchain Day in Paris, Singapore, Miami & Toronto.


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Our mission is simple:

Bridge the capitals of the world of innovation to create a global network that drives change together.

Blockchain Day is an event that is entirely dedicated to business innovation within all major industries from the Food Sector to AI. Where, worldwide business leaders will be coming together to share their experiences, show how they have challenged their own industries with thought-provoking case-studies and be able to connect with other C-level executives to establish new synergies side by side with political figures around the world, blockchain gurus and reputable VCs.

Singapore Day 2019

2 Days of Innovation

This two-day conference will offer attendees a unique networking ground where, unlike other events we take pride in not being a mass event.

With no more than 800 attendees, we hand-pick blockchain projects, startups, experts and leaders from multiple backgrounds to create an atmosphere that is perfect to inspire new ideas and build partnerships.

Past Highlights in Paris ...

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Media Coverage ...

In the News
“Café de la Bourse à la 1ère édition du Paris Blockchain Day”

Le First Official Blockchain Day, évènement unique en Europe, organisé par The Blockchain Group et qui se tenait au Palais Brogniart, a été l’occasion de revenir en détail sur cette technologie disruptive aux multiples applications et notamment celles liées au secteur de la finance. Programme, intervenants : découvrez tout ce qu’il faut retenir de cet évènement !


“La blockchain en quête d’une nouvelle réglementation”

Technologie émergente qui promet de révolutionner l’économie et les échanges, la blockchain doit avant tout bénéficier d’un cadre réglementaire et fiscal, clair et lisible. Une condition rappelée mercredi 10 octobre 2018 lors de la 1re édition du Blockchain Day organisée à Paris.


” Un 1er Blockchain Day Paris organisé avec succès “

Technologie émergente qui promet de révolutionner l’économie et les échanges, la blockchain doit avant tout bénéficier d’un cadre réglementaire et fiscal, clair et lisible. Une condition rappelée mercredi 10 octobre 2018 lors de la 1re édition du Blockchain Day organisée à Paris.

by Assurance & Banque 2.0

“Succès du 1er Blockchain Day Paris !”

D’envergure internationale, l’événement a réuni de nombreux experts et entrepreneurs de la Blockchain, et mis à l’honneur 2 startups gagnantes des ICO Awards.

by Canard Coin Coin

“Les 5 leçons du Blockchain Day”

Pierre Person, député de la 6e circonscription de Paris et rapporteur de la mission d’information sur les monnaies virtuelles, ouvre le Blockchain Day par une certitude: “La blockchain va structurer l’économie de demain et redonner de la souveraineté à l’individu, qui est aujourd’hui confisquée par des tiers qui concentrent le pouvoir.”


“Quand Blockchain rime avec B2B – Le mercredi 10 octobre se tenait à Paris, au Palais Brongniart, la grande messe parisienne du Blockchain Day, cycle de rassemblements blockchain devant prendre place successivement dans différentes capitales mondiales.”

by Journal du Coin

“La prochaine génération ne sera pas celle des enfants d’Internet mais celle des enfants de la blockchain.” Merci encore @Pierr_Person d’avoir ouvert le @Blockchain_Day au @PalaisB. La #France prend de l’ampleur en matière d’innovation avec la loi #PACTE de @BrunoLeMaire.

🚀Merci @Pierr_Person for opening France’s 1st #blockchainday2018 @PalaisB: “Our generation will not be known to be the children of the internet era, but children of blockchain”. #France gaining momentum on the global innovation stage w/ upcoming #PACTE law by @BrunoLeMaire.

🚀 The official video of the #BlockchainDay2018 is now live!

40+ speakers
600+ attendees
20+ media partners

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Thank you for your contribution to the success of the Blockchain Day 2018 !
IG @igauci
#Blockchainday2018 #Paris was a success.The #Blockchain #innovation roadshow continues,in #Frankfurt at the East-West Crypto Conference #Germany #EWCC @ the German Blockchain Week #GBW where we will have a full session on #laws and #regulations #dltlawyers #ohmymalta #caledo

Thank you for being here @Varanida_VAD
Team Varanida @Varanida_VAD
Yesterday we were at the Blockchain Day!🤩 Outcome: innovative projects, enlightening conferences, and incredible professionals. Thank you @blockchaingroup 🔥 #blockchainDay2018

#BlockchainDay : "Technologie émergente qui promet de révolutionner l'économie et les échanges, la #blockchain doit avant tout bénéficier d'un cadre réglementaire et fiscal, clair et lisible." @Chef_entreprise

Media Coverage .

What they said in the press
Blockchain Day Paris 2018 Press Coverage
The first Blockchain Day conference was held in Paris on October 10, 2018

As another sign of the French ICO revolution, the first Blockchain Day conference was held in Paris on October 10, 2018 [and] opened by the French politician specialized in the field of crypto-regulations, Pierre Person.

Other press mentions

Blockchain Day Paris 2018 Press Coverage
Blockchain Day Paris 2018 Press Coverage
Blockchain Day Paris 2018 Press Coverage
Blockchain Day Paris 2018 Press Coverage
Blockchain Day Paris 2018 Press Coverage
Blockchain Day Paris 2018 Press Coverage
Blockchain Day Paris 2018 Press Coverage
Blockchain Day Paris 2018 Press Coverage
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Paris 2018

Our Speakers !

Blockchain Day Keynote 2018

Pierre Person .

Député de la 6° circonscription de Paris

A Special Guest this Year

This year’s Keynote Speaker for Blockchain Day will be Pierre Person, french political figure specialized in the regulation of virtual currencies – Député de la 6° circonscription de Paris – “Rapporteur de la mission d’information sur les monnaies virtuelles”. Mr. Person will be kicking off the event as the first keynote of the day, following a series of international experts, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies on how the future of business sectors can be decentralized


Master of Ceremony

Sabrina Quagliozzi .

The event will be hosted by Sabrina Quagliozzi, the NYC correspondent for the french TV network BFM Business News. Quagliozzi a well-known figure in the international media spotlight from covering US Financial Markets, Business News stories as well as events such as IMF and G20 Meetings, will be our a special hostess accompanying our 400+ attendees and special speakers throughout the day dedicated to business innovation and blockchain technology.

Top Speakers .

Orange Chief Strategy Officer

Deputy Head of the Savings and Financial Market Division of the French Treasury

President at Ledger

Strategy, business and digital transformation analyst at Telecom Italia

Partner at DS Avocats

Partner at GTG Advocates and Afilexion Alliance

Tax Partner at Pichard & Associés and Tax Group Leader at  Association Française pour la Gestion des Cybermonnaies

Co-founder & CEO of MoneyTrack

CTO & Founder at Neufund

Managing Partner at

Founder & CEO at

Head of ICO Advisory at NKB Group

Vice President of Marketing at Polymath

Chief Growth Officer of Kosmos Capital

Europe BD Lead at Huobi Global

Founder LUKSO, Ethereum Dev, ERC 20

Chief Operating Officer at BCDiploma

CMO of Minespider

Head of Corporate Strategy at GSMA 

CEO & Cofounder of Fractal

Founder and CEO of BOTLabs

Director of Ecosystem Growth at Evernym / Sovrin

Managing Partner at RVP One

Marketing & Business Developer at GamerToken

Co-Founder & CEO at Bloomio

COO & Co-founder of Pixowl

Director of R&D at AXA GIE

Global Head of Business Development at IOST

Director of the Public Sector Division of  Microsoft France

Founder at æternity

EMEA Partner at Futerio

Product Communications Manager at Parity Technologies / Polkadot

Public Relations & Crypto Blogger

Chief Growth Officer at NeuroChain

Founder and CEO of Herdius

Chief Operating Officer at Electroneum

PsionFinance - ICO division of Largilliere Finance

Global Head of Blockchain Competence Center at Telefónica

Deputy Managing Director at Solea

VP Corporate Development at Archos 

Co-founder and CMO at Token

Director of Blockchain Programmes and Head of LaBChain at Caisse des Dépôts

Principal Manager Fintech Partnerships at Vodafone Group

Country Manager Europe at Luno

Co-founder and Chief Information Officer at Tempo 


A spacious and luxurious retreat in the heart of Singapore

The luxury accommodations at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore capture the essence of the city, bridging the gap between exploration and relaxation. Gorgeously designed hotel rooms and suites offer sweeping Marina Bay views and modern amenities, creating a peaceful retreat in the heart of the city.

April 2 & 3, 2019

Conference Schedule .

Highlights of the Day

In search of stability - will stablecoins be the Kings of 2019 ?

Why does the world need stablecoins? And what are the challenges and opportunities that come with its rise?

Blockchain tech - help or hindrance to cybersecurity?

Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain - match made in heaven?

Show the potentials of allying blockchain and AI, this session will bring together key players that are working to implement blockchain in AI for data protection.

``Self-sovereign Identity`` - the future of data protection & privacy ?

As the physical world meets the digital world, data has become a key player for a number of businesses. We will explore how blockchain allows customers and businesses to store identities on their own devices. This digital way of “proving who you are” is useful for businesses banks and governments, for KYC to AML purposes.

Public vs Private Blockchain - how to apply blockchain for digital transformation

What are the necessary pre-requisites to put in place a blockchain project? How to pick a blockchain, should it be public or private? What are the pros and cons, benefits and challenges?

Blockchain for social innovation

Beyond the commercial arena, how can blockchain be used for social innovation? Check out how the technology is transforming the non-profit sector.


1 Keynote

A high-level speaker will introduce the underlying theme of the session. Get introduced to the most hot topics by the experts of the sector, before going into details during the conferences.

1 Round Table

Blockchain Singapore Day is thrilled to host highly motivated and qualified speakers. During this round table, they will discuss different trending topics regarding the blockchain technology, bringing different perspectives and experiences to the table.

2 Case Studies

On the second day, attend 45-minute conferences on how to apply blockchain technology to specific industries and extend your knowledge and leadership on the matter.

4 Debates

Throughout the Blockchain Singapore Day, blockchain experts will lead hot-topic conversations on trending industries disruption and innovation.

8 Panels

A group of selected people will discuss how blockchain is disrupting industries, approaching controversial topics in an interactive, dynamic and educational way.

10 Networking Sessions

Networking sessions will allow participants to connect, discuss and share their businesses. Meet easily the right person in a business-friendly environment.

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Paris 2018

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Strategic partners

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